Custom Pickup Truck Seats

Custom Pickup Truck Seats – Infant Carseat.

Custom Pickup Truck Seats

custom pickup truck seats

    pickup truck

  • A light motorized vehicle with an enclosed cab that usually accommodates two to three occupants and, in the rear, has an open bed with low sides designed to carry cargo.
  • A pickup truck (or pick-up truck or simply pickup, also called bakkie in South Africa and ute — an abbreviation of "utility vehicle" — in Australia and New Zealand) is a light motor vehicle with an open-top rear cargo area (bed) which is almost always separated from the cab to allow for chassis
  • pickup: a light truck with an open body and low sides and a tailboard


  • A thing that one does habitually
  • custom-made: made according to the specifications of an individual
  • a specific practice of long standing
  • A traditional and widely accepted way of behaving or doing something that is specific to a particular society, place, or time
  • accepted or habitual practice
  • Established practice or usage having the force of law or right


  • The roughly horizontal part of a chair, on which one's weight rests directly
  • (seat) a space reserved for sitting (as in a theater or on a train or airplane); "he booked their seats in advance"; "he sat in someone else's place"
  • A thing made or used for sitting on, such as a chair or stool
  • A sitting place for a passenger in a vehicle or for a member of an audience
  • seating: an area that includes places where several people can sit; "there is seating for 40 students in this classroom"
  • (seat) show to a seat; assign a seat for; "The host seated me next to Mrs. Smith"

custom pickup truck seats – Husky Liners

Husky Liners 60811 Black Custom Fit Second Seat Floor Liner
Husky Liners 60811 Black Custom Fit Second Seat Floor Liner
Replace your factory floor mats with superior Husky Liners custom molded floor liners and discover peace of mind. No matter what you drive to get from here to there, no matter what your job is – you use your vehicle and it gets dirty. Gravity ensures that the messes that happen inside your vehicle end up on the floor. Drink spills, the gunk off your shoes and whatever the kids drop – all sink into a factory floor mat and ultimately your carpet. As if you needed one more thing to worry about? When you have custom molded floor liners from Husky Liners, you can relax when the spills happen. Our floor liners are not your typical floor mats. Our Engineers use cutting-edge laser scanning and computer design to create the world’s best custom floor liners. Husky Liners fit the contours of your vehicle’s floor area specifically and provide more coverage and more protection than the factory floor mats ever could. Husky Liners look great and install in seconds. They feature a raised lip around the edge to keep messes contained and away from your carpet. Husky Liners protect your investment by withstanding the damage from water, mud, dirt, oil, gas and battery acid. Produced from our innovative and patented material, Husky Liners are guaranteed not to crack or break for the life of your vehicle. Cleanup is amazingly fast and easy: wipe your liners off with a damp rag – for larger messes, simply hose them off. Exclusive to Husky floor liners are Sta-Put Nibs on the reverse side that grip the carpet and help keep them in place. Get Husky Liners for your vehicle’s carpeted floor areas: front row, second and third row, rear cargo and trunk. Offered in black, grey or tan to compliment every interior. Hundreds of applications are available for cars, trucks, SUV’s, crossovers, and vans.

Chevy pickup 1948-50-51-52-53 custom

Chevy pickup 1948-50-51-52-53 custom
This is my custom 1948 Chevy pickup it has a 350 small block and runs decent but just out of the picture is a 383 crate motor from jegs 425 HP I have changed the intake manifold and the rockers they were 1.5 changed to 1.6 the heads and intake have been matched ported. Traction bars are already on trying to get the 265 50 17’s rear tires to get a better bite. Old blue has Power steering, power brakes, auto trans ( 700R4 ) air conditioning the seats are leather Buick Park Ave. I Love to drive this pickup I’m a photographer and often take senior portraits at Tulsa Woodward Park one way to find me is I say I will be driving an old blue Chevy pickup the first thing I hear is that’s not what I expected.

Ford Pickup 1941 (in Blue)

Ford Pickup 1941 (in Blue)
Cambridge charity kustom and classic car display 2009

FORD PICKUP 1941 (in Blue)
Plate: USAT1N
Vehicle details

* Make: FORD
* Model: PICKUP
* Year: 1941
* Main colour: Blue
* Vehicle type: Goods Van/Truck/Utility
* Body style: Utility
* No of seats: 2
* CC rating: 5,700
* Fuel type: Petrol
* Assembly type: Imported Built-Up
* Country of origin: United States Of America
* Gross vehicle mass: 2,200kg
* No of axles: 2